Setting Compatibility Mode Of A WPF Web Browser

Recently I needed to use the WebBrowser control in a C Sharp WPF application. But after adding the web browser and navigating to the web page I was met with a horribly mangled version of it. Yet in Internet Explorer the same web page displayed correctly and as you may or may not know, the WebBrowser control uses Internet Explorer. I then discovered that checking Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer changed the page to match the WebBrowser controls! It turns out the WebBrowser control was defaulting to a rendering engine (IE7) that I did not want!

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Build 2014

//build was a great event this year. Given that I’m the mobile guy I’m particularly excited that they started the day 1 keynote with Windows Phone and Windows 8 announcements.

Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft announced their latest version of Windows Phone, version 8.1, this new version is due out this summer and is compatible with all existing Windows Phone 8.0 devices. In addition manufacturers, such as Nokia, are coming out with new devices tailored to Windows Phone 8.1.

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Sending Key Events to a WPF Web Browser (And Injecting Javascript)

Recently I had the need to send KeyDown events to the WPF WebBrowser and after many failed attempts I finally figured out a good (or at least a working) solution. It should be noted that this solution does not trigger browser key events but rather triggers javascript key events, such as those bound by addEventListener. The technique utilizes javascript injection, so it could also be used to call any existing javascript method.

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The Cloud is Here and Now

I recently heard a cloud presentation by James Staten and that is what inspired this post.

Cloud is not the future, cloud is NOW!

The first thing you need to know is the cloud is not the future, the cloud is NOW!  If you do not have a cloud strategy you are already behind the curve. Many companies are already in the cloud in various degrees and most have at least an initial cloud strategy mapped out.  If the cloud has been brushed off as a fad or it’s not going to happen, you better get on it because the cloud is here and it is here to stay.

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Web.Config Transforms Per Build

Since the introduction of .Net 4.0, Visual Studio 2012 has supported Web.Config transforms.  That is you can publish a Web.Config file per solution configuration in Visual Studio.  This is great if you are attempting to deploy to different environments that would require different settings such as Connection Strings or AppSettings.  However, it is limited to only the Publish Feature.  With this trick you can configure Visual Studio 2012 to perform the Transform with every build.  This would allow you to run your local development environment against other configurations.  One reason for wanting to do this might be to debug a data issue in a QA Environment.

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Global Windows Azure Bootcamp — Tampa

Dan Fluet from Tallan will be presenting at the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp – Tampa on March 29th.

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About the event

Global Windows Azure Bootcamp

In April of 2013 we held the first Global Windows Azure Bootcamp at more than 90 locations around the globe! This year we want to again offer up a one day deep dive class to help thousands of people get up to speed on developing Cloud Computing Applications for Windows Azure. In addition to this great learning opportunity the hands on labs will feature pooling a huge global compute farm to perform diabetes research!

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SharePoint 2013 SP1 Released


We’ve been hearing Q1 2014 as a release date for SharePoint 2013 SP1 for some time now, and most of us have been thinking we’d get that date at SharePoint Conference 2014.  The conference Yammer feed was just updated with the news that SharePoint 2013 SP1 has been released.

SP2013 SP1 Download Info

Installation Tips

Ensure you follow all the guidance listed here when installing:’’

Windows Server 2012 R2 Support

One major change we’ve been waiting for is support for Server 2012 R2. You *must*  use the slipstreamed version available for download via MSDN, VSLC, or MPN.

What’s New

The issues fixed are listed in the download at the following URL:

Stephan Gossner has provided an FAQ at the following url:

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You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page – GPO not Applying



During a recent deployment of SharePoint 2013 for a client, we came across an issue with Central Administration getting the error:.image

You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.  Please enable scripts and reload this page.

Generally this is resolved by adding the CA site as a Trusted Site.  The client required that trusted sites be added via GPO.

The client added the site to the GPO and we forced a refresh.  We still had the same issue.  After checking internet settings, we found the trusted site was not set.  We attempted reboots and GPO refresh forces to no avail.


IE ESC had been turned on for both Administrators and Users on the server.  After disabling IE ESC, the trusted sites were properly applied and the error disappeared.

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Azure WebJobs, It’s whats new in Azure!

The long awaited webjobs is now in preview for Windows Azure!  How many times have you deployed a website, then after a couple months requirements change and they want you to run a daily or continuous job that processes files or re-size images or works a queue, now with web jobs in Windows Azure it is easy.   In this post I will explain how you can deploy this Azure Web Job as part of your Azure web site (PaaS),  You just deploy and you are done. There is no need to zip up files and go to the management console.  A one shot deal!
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