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Java 7 File IO using FileVisitor

This blog post is inspired by a problem a friend of mine was having. See… he’s got this rash… -kidding. He’s got a ton of movies, music, and books on his hard drive, and he frequently rearranges the directory structure of his drive to better organize his media. He wanted to [...]

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Parsing HTML using jsoup library

A quick tutorial on html parsing using the jsoup Java library.

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Java Spring Application on Azure Cloud

Microsoft states to developers using  Azure that one can build applications using any language, tool or framework.  This blog post will show you how to deploy a Spring application on an Azure cloud.  Our first step will be to install a Jetty instance on to the cloud, and then we’ll import jars and do any [...]

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Java EE 6 Overview

For the past year or so I have been working on a web development project using Java.  Like many Java projects, the project I was working on used 3rd party frameworks like Spring and Hibernate rather than utilizing the official Java EE stack.  Many developers have turned to these frameworks because the official Java EE [...]

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The Unstandard Tag Library: Using Constants Within JSPs

The Unstandard Tag Library is a JSP tag library that was developed as part of the Jakarta Project. Its purpose is to provide a collection of useful tags that people have been requesting for JSTL. The library serves as a place to keep all of these tags [...]

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Java could be a pain to C# developers (Pass by Reference)

In C++ and C#, developers have freedom to modify variables by directly having access to memory location.
In C++,
#include <stdio.h>
void swapnum(int &i, int &j)
int temp = i;
i = j;
j = temp;

int main(void)

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Pass by reference

In C++ and C#, developers have freedom to modify variables by directly having access to memory location.
In C++,
#include <stdio.h>
void swapnum(int &i, int &j) {
int temp = i;
i = j;
j = temp;
int main(void) {
int a = 10;
int b = 20;
swapnum(a, b);
printf(“A is %d and B is %d\n”, a, b);
return 0;
In C#,
int a = 1;
modify(ref a); //now [...]

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Cache as a cross-cutting concern

I have been recently asked to look into the cache feature within Springmodule in Java community.
Since my current project utilizes spring and aop, I thought it would be a great idea to utilize AOP to cache data.
I actually wrote a prototype file and it was a very rudimentary yet working prototype.  However, I soon realized [...]

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Hibernate: Merge vs SaveOrUpdate

In my previous and current project, I have run into cases where I needed to save an object to database using hibernate, and from time to time, I run into some sort of Hibernate Session Exception.
 I did a bit of google search, and it turns out that when saving an object, I needed to make [...]

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