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You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page – GPO not Applying

During a recent deployment of SharePoint 2013 for a client, we came across an issue with Central Administration getting the error:.
You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.  Please enable scripts and reload this page.

Generally this is resolved by adding the CA site as a Trusted Site.  The [...]

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Cleaning up BizTalk Databases

One maintenance task that I often perform when finishing development on a client is to refresh my BizTalk environment.  This usually includes cleaning up the tracking and MessageBox databases of old tracking data and messages.  The BizTalk 2010/2013 installation includes a set of stored procedures that can assist in this effort and ensure a BizTalk [...]

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Custom Functions in Microsoft Business Rules Engine

The Microsoft Business Rules Engine (BRE), part of Microsoft BizTalk Server, allows for the creation of rich easily readable business rules which can be applied by a BizTalk solution, or any .NET code.   Out of the box, BRE and the main interface Business Rules Composer (BRC) have many different predicates that can be used within [...]

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BizTalk EDI Invalid Control Standard Identifier ISA11

A short and sweet post for this thursday morning.
While testing a HIPPA 834 Benefits Enrollment and Maintenance EDI Message for a client I came across an error translating the EDI message into an XML message using my EdiReceive pipline.  The ISA 11 value that was specified in the file was “{“.  However, I encountered a [...]

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Workflow Manager Installation Error: Adding host to Service Bus Farm

I was trying to get the new workflow engine installed and configured with SharePoint 2013 but was encountering an error in the Service Bus configuration step.
Installation Instruction for Workflow Manager and SharePoint 2013 Workflow Configuration:
The full installation steps are provided here (in a video series): and here:
The instructions provided above are pretty detailed [...]

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Sandboxing – Declarative Object Provisioning and Threads

So you say you can’t populate a list declaratively in SharePoint 2010 Sandboxed solutions?

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Android Date Picker Dialog

While looking for the best way to implement an input widget to retrieve the users’s Date of Birth I came across this input field while editing a contacts information in the generic People List that comes with the Android OS:

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Best Practices–Disposing SharePoint objects

Good reference on MSDN documentation for guidance on good coding practices for SharePoint:
The SharePoint Dispose Checker Tool can give false positives (or negatives) so this documentation should provide additional guidance

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Creating a SharePoint BCS .NET Connectivity Assembly to Crawl RSS Data in Visual Studio 2010

In this post, I’ll walk you though how to create a SharePoint 2010  BCS .NET Connectivity Assembly in Visual Studio 2010.
We’re going to create an assembly that will allow us to Crawl RSS Feeds using BCS. 
Creating a BCS .NET Connectivity Assembly project in Visual Studio 2010
First, create a new project selecting the Sharepoint –> [...]

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