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MABS EAI Bridge LoB Lookup (Part 2 of 2)

Last week month (sorry about that!), I wrote a post about using MABS to access a LoB system (in the example, SQL Server) behind several layers of firewalls (here).
We looked at the following tasks

Creating the BizTalk services
Setting up BizTalk Adapter Services in a local (or IaaS) environment to run a stored procedure in SQL Server
Creating [...]

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MIX11 in review

I know this post is overdue, but I’m happy to say that in the time since MIX has elapsed, my wife and I have sold our condo and moved to a new home. I’ve also transition to a new contract, and I am excited to get my feet wet my new project. Despite [...]

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RESTFul Services in Silverlight – CT Code Camp June 2009

Downloade the┬áPresentation and Code┬
The Connecticut User Group organized a full day code camp event in Bloomfield, CT. The topic I presented on was “RESTFul Services and Silverlight”. The presentation was organized around the following main topics:

Web Services via SOAP
RESTFul Services
Creating a WCF RESTFul Service
Consuming a Custom WCF RESTFul Service in Silverlight

The attached slide deck will [...]

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Recover from a WCF Service Fault, Part 2 (Generic ServiceClientFactory Class)

After finding the simple solution for handling WCF Service Faults in the original post, I figured it should be relatively trivial to find a generic solution to this problem if you’re using similar WCF clients in a project and want to reset ALL of them on a channel fault.  I developed a generic ServiceClientFactory class [...]

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WCF Security Part 1

A few months ago I was given the task of setting up security for some WCF services we had created. After a couple days of scouring the internet for ideas and solutions, I ended up purchasing a book on WCF. Although there is a lot of information on the web about WCF and what security [...]

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