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RSS Bandit & w.bloggar

If you want use a desktop tool to read and publish blogs, I highly recommend the following tools.

RSS Bandit, a very neat blog reading tool. It is open-source and written in C#.

w.bloggar, a very popular blog authoring tool. It can be launched standalone, or from RSS Bandit context menu. I am creating this post using w.bloggar. You can configure it to access WordPress, which is the blog software this site uses, among many others. Just make sure you use the following settings for blogging on this site:

Account Tool: WordPress
Host: www.blogbiztalk.com
Path: /xmlrpc.php

Happy blogging!

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Thanks for the links. I really like RSSBandit as a desktop reader because of the alerts. I was hoping someone might mention something other than Outlook Express :)


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