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Add to the Global Assembly Cache on MSI Imports

If you want all resources of your BizTalk application to be registered in GAC on MSI import, it is necessary, prior to exporting BizTalk application to MSI file, to check ‘Add to the global assembly cache on MSI imports (gacutil)’ option in Modify Resources dialog box. This option is unchecked by default. To avoid the need of doing it for each resource separately, do the following:

  • Open dbo.bts_application table in BizTalkMgmtDb database
  • Find application name in nvcName column and write down the Application ID (nID column)
  • Run this update statement in BizTalkMgmtDb database (replace <app_id> with Application ID retrieved in #2):

update dbo.adpl_sat set properties = replace(cast(properties as nvarchar(4000)),
‘UpdateGacOnImport</key><value>False’, ‘UpdateGacOnImport</key><value>True’) where applicationId = <app_id>

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