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Java: Too many choices?

During my time with Tallan I have worked in both the MS camp and the Java camp. I prefer the Java side but I acknowledge that neither side is perfect. One of the main issues I see on the Java side is the huge variety choices that an architect has when starting a new project. I saw this article on DZone that seemed to summarize the situation well:

http://icedjava.blogspot.com/2007/12/dear-java-thanks-for-complexity-of.html [dead link]

There is an interesting link from this blog posting. I have not read it in depth. It looked good on an initial skim. The author seems to be trying to be objective, rather than selling one framework over another. (Go past the pictures of his family… would be interesting to hear the presentation that goes along with this PDF):

Comparison of frameworks:
https://equinox.dev.java.net/framework-comparison/WebFrameworks.pdf [dead link]

I am interested in hearing others point of view on this (not looking to start a flame war but a skirmish maybe interesting :) ).


Kim Stevens

(Originally posted: 12/20/07)

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