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Team Foundation Server Restore Headaches

I was in the process of trying to restore my TFS Server to a different machine until there was time for it to be rebuilt. This turned out to be quite a headache. Once all the querks were identified it wasn’t all that bad but it took much longer than it should have. Here are the key steps:

  1. Install Fresh Copy of Team Foundation Server
  2. Stop all Services (IIS, REporting Services)
  3. Restore all TFS Databases
  4. Restore Reporting Services Databases
  5. Restore SharePoint Content Database
  6. Log into SharePoint Administration and remove content database and re-add WSS_CONTENT database
  7. Ensure Reporting Services is functioning
  8. Run TfsAdminUtil configureconnections and ensure reporting services is pointing to new machine
  9. Modify web.config in the web services/services/ directory so the data tier matches EXACTLY what was in the previous machine
  10. Run TFSAdminUtil renamedt ensuring data tier
  11. Run TFSAdminUtil activateat
After those steps you should be up and running. The major issue I ran into was the renamedt where i was using lower case when it was caps in the previous instance. This is important because it uses this to search & replace in other locations. If it does not match exactly it will fix one config location but not all and the new instance will still be pointing to the old data tier.
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