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ASP.NET MVC presentation materials from Code Camp 10

Hi all,

Acouple of weekends ago at Code Camp 10, I presented on the ASP.NET Model View Controller (MVC) Framework. As promised, I have attached the presentation for all to see.

I would like to thank my co-worker Stan Kennedy for his assistance with the slide deck (actually, he deserves most, if not all of the credit for it) and everyone that showed up to the presentation. I hope everyone learned something – I certainly did as well.

I would like to direct everyone over to the ASP.NET MVC site, which is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to know more about it – and would recommend anyone who wants to start out with it to view Stephen Walther’s How-to videos on the subject (also on the ASP.NET MVC site) as well.

Additionally, I know there were some questions around REST and what it had to do with the Model View Controller. From what I understand, REST is simply an architectural style, which is usually applied to an entire website. REST stands for Representational State Transfer and in the case of a website, each page represents a state, and each link represents a state transfer. Since each page is its own state, the state transfer takes place by loading up a new URL on the page. The ASP.NET MVC Framework allows a developer to build their website in a RESTful architecture from the ground up from the framework’s normal usage patterns. There is a bit more to the architecture, so for the curious, I would recommend heading to wikipedia to get additional information or to this other site, which I think summarizes REST quite well.

Thanks, and enjoy


Powerpoint slides: mvc-mweber-code-camp-10

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