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Archive for January, 2009

Document Library Folder Names: “Forms”

Craig Condon

I recently stumbled upon this little bug by accident. If you create a folder called “Forms” in a document library, you won’t be able to re-name it or delete it directly. Backing up for a second, you can’t create a…

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Preview Pane in SharePoint list


This Preview Pane function is OOTB and is always there, you go to “modify this view” in the list and at the view setting page, under the style section, select the “Preview Pane” option:

Open this view now and you will…

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More Business Intelligence for MOSS


Microsoft has made an annoucement on its Business Intelligence strategy by adding Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 features (originally a separate product) into MOSS enterprise CAL this week.
Now there is one more reason to LOVE SharePoint!
Read the full press news here.

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Synchornize outlook 2007 contacts to MOSS

To upload your outlook contacts, first create a sharepoint contact list in a WSS 3.0 site (if not already exists):

In the SharePoint contact library, under the Actions menu, click “Connect to Outlook”:

This will create a link to the SharePoint contact…

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Setting up an HL7 Solution

Setting up an HL7 Solution
HL7 Accelerator Overview
As you might know, the BizTalk Accelerator for HL7 offers a great deal of enhanced messaging capabilities for the healthcare industry. Although it is offered as a separate download, it comes with the license…

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MS BI News Roundup

Two big pieces of news on the Microsoft BI front:

Performance Point Server is being dismantled. After the next service pack, MS will cease develop of the product as its own entity. The Monitoring & Analytics capabilities will be bundled into…

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Create an Animated Shine Effect with jQuery Part 1


jQuery is an amazing javascript framework that equips you with the tools to create beautiful effects extremely easily. While designing an add to cart notification for an online store I knew I needed to create something that caught the user’s…

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Blog Marketing 101 – Strategies & Tactics

Dennis Plucinik

Content is unquestionably the most important part of any blog. Without it, it isn’t a blog. However, it’s best to think of the content like a car engine – without the other parts of the car, it’s not going anywhere….

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On User Experience Design

Krish Mandal

There are many people who believe that product design is a less important part of the things we build. They almost believe that it can be left as an afterthought. I’m sure most people have heard the phrase, “Lipstick on…

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