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Setting up an HL7 Solution

Setting up an HL7 Solution

HL7 Accelerator Overview

As you might know, the BizTalk Accelerator for HL7 offers a great deal of enhanced messaging capabilities for the healthcare industry. Although it is offered as a separate download, it comes with the license of BizTalk. The nice part about it is that it offers all of the 2.x schemas, support for MLLP, messaging validation, batch processing, and support for advanced acknowledgments.

Steps for setting up an HL7 solution

1. First, you have to install the accelerator on BizTalk. This will install the HL7 adapters, HL7 pipelines (this is where most of the work is done), and project templates. As you might imagine, the project templates are the focus for this entry since this is all about setting up an HL7 solution.

The figure below shows all of the project templates installed through the installation process of the accelerator.

2. Select the BTAHL7V2XCommon project template, specify your directory, and hit OK. This will create the first project that will be inherited by all other HL7 projects. The reason for this is that this project includes all of the base schemas for all projects.

3. Next, Add a new project to the solution. This time you have to choose the version of HL7 that you will be working with. For this demo I will be using HL7 version 2.5 so I will choose the BTAHL7V25Common template. This project template includes all of the valid message segments, data types, and table values for the HL7 version 2.5. These schemas are based off of the standards put out by HL7.org. Any variations to the HL7 standard will have to be made to these schemas if you would like to use them in your organization. This project should reference the BTAHL7V2XCommon project.

The figure below displays the selection of the HL7 2.5 project type.

4. Now we need to add yet another project to the solution. This time we will choose an Empty BTAHL7 project. We will use this project to define the actual events that will be processed by BizTalk. This project should reference the BTAHL7V2XCommon and the BTAHL7V25Common projects.

The figure below shows the empty BTAHL7 project selection.

5. Add triggering events to the empty project. Go to Add >> New Item and choose the BTAHL7Schemas Item template.

6. Use the wizard to add the triggering events. For this example, I am going to add a check in and checkout event by choose it in the drop down and hitting create. You can add as many new events (schemas) to your project using this wizard. Just keep selecting the different types and hit create. You can see this in the figure below.

7. Finished. You can see the completed solution below. Of course you still need to deploy.

For more information on the BizTalk Accelerator for HL7, check out the following link:

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