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Creating Databound Silverlight 2.0 Web Applications

This topic was presented during the February CTDOTNET user group meeting in Farmington, CT.
The attached presentation (Slide Deck) and source code (Source Code) provide an introduction to creating databound application using silverlight 2.0


  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Silveright Tools (SDK, Controls, Templates). http://silveright.net/GetStarted
  • SQl Server 2005 and AdventureWorks Sample Database: To run the web service example.


  • Basic Data Binding
    • Data Context
    • BindingProperty
  • Data Binding Concepts
    • One Way Data Binding
    • Two Way Data Binding
    • One Time Data Binding
    • INotifyChangeHandler
    • Data Binding Collections
  • Tiered Development
    • Create Web or WCF Services for Data Access
    • Create a ClientAccessPolicy.xml file. Otherwise silverlight will not be able to access the web service.
    • Note: Only basicHttpBinding is supported in Silverlight
    • Note: You cannot create references to Non-Silverlight libraries in a Silverlight Application or Silverlight Class Library project
    • As a result you have to create a service layer to consume your existing entities and data access tiers in a silverlight application

Sample Code Structure

  • AdventureWorks.Nettiers.Data: Data Access Layer
  • AdventureWorks.Nettiers.Data.SqlClient: Data Access Layer
  • AdventureWorks.Nettiers.Entities: Entities or Domain Objects
  • DALUnitTestApp: Unit test Library
  • DataBindingBasics and DataBindingBasics.Web: Silverlight Sample Code that shows Databinding Basic Examples
  • ListBindingBasics and ListBindingBasics.Web: Silverlight Sample Code that shows Databinding Lists/Collections Examples
  • ProductService: ASMX web service consumed by ListBindingBasics. Look in ListBindingBasics\Page2.xaml how the service is used

– Reddy

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