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Interesting Links – RoR and MVC.NET

A couple topics I have been looking into lately are Ruby on Rails and ASP.NET MVC.

Here are some helfpul links I found along the way.

Visual Studio Add-ins – I have heard of quite a few of these. The link is kind of old but some of the tools are still relevant.


Free Chapter on MVC in Action – This book comes out in August but some of the content is available now.


MVC.NET – Interesting article. I like the last section where they talk about MVC vs. Web Forms.


ASP.NET vs. Ruby – Decent comparison between the two technologies.

http://dotnetaddict.dotnetdevelopersjournal.com/ruby_vs_aspnet_1.htm [dead link]

http://dotnetaddict.dotnetdevelopersjournal.com/aspnet_ruby_agility.htm [dead link]

http://dotnetaddict.dotnetdevelopersjournal.com/aspnet_ruby_datadriven.htm [dead link]

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