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Bitmap Default resolution

Recently I encountered a problem regarding default resolution for Images. An image that had been stored in a database as a multi-page tiff needed to be split into individual bitmaps for display and print on a winform using standard GDI+. While spliting the tiffs and creating the new bitmaps, the resolution was lost and was set to the default value of Bitmaps. While the display on the winform was not a problem as the viewer handled the image sizing, the printing of the image resulted in a very distorted printed image.

Upon examination of the image, the resolution was 300 x 300. Upon creation of the bitmap it defaulted to 72 x 72.

This problem was quickly resolved by setting the resolution of all of the new  bitmaps  to the original resolution contained in the image object.

Seems like a simple fix, but it created a huge problem on the project.


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