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Windows Worfklow: Error 1342 Activity X validation failed: Can not find the condition Y

This is just a small tip for anyone doing any WWF work:  The workflow’s name property MUST MATCH file workflow filename or rules and conditions will not be found, and the workflow will not be instantiated.


Create a sequential workflow.  Call it WorkflowA.cs.

Click the workflow in the designer mode, and change the name of the workflow in the property window to WkflwA.  Add any activity that takes conditions (i.e., if/then/else).

Add a valid condition to this activity.

Attempt to start the workflow.


You will get a WorkflowValidationFailedException saying that the Workflow failed validation.  To correct this issue, rename the workflow back to “WorkflowA” and restart.  The workflow will instantiate without issue.

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Thank you for the tip – it worked!

Perfect!.. it really worked.
Thanks a lot for the tip.

alternatively you can simply create another blank workflow and copy the content of the old workflow (the one with errors) and paste then content on the new workflow and try to publish it will work.

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