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Convert Multi-page image to Collection of Bitmaps

Recently on a project, we had the need to convert a saved multi-page tiff to a collection of bitmaps for viewing in a UI using standard GDI+ methods. These bitmaps also needed to be printed in a high quality way for submission to a government agency.  This method ensures that no quality will be lost from the creation of the new bitmap objects.

// by Craig Vallee
// Consultant
// Tallan, Inc.

private static List<Bitmap> ImageToBitmap()
    //Create and Image object from file path and name
    Image originalImage = Image.FromFile(@"C:\Temp\Your_File.tif");

    //Create a collection of Bitmap objects 
    List<Bitmap> bitmapList = new List<Bitmap>();

    //Place holders for setting resolution of new Bitmap objects
    var xResolution = originalImage.HorizontalResolution;
    var yResolution = originalImage.VerticalResolution;

    //Create FrameDimesion for iteration through file frames
    FrameDimension frameDimension = new FrameDimension(originalImage.FrameDimensionsList[0]);

    //Framecount of image for iteration through file frames
    int frameCount = originalImage.GetFrameCount(FrameDimension.Page);

    //Simple iteration through file frames
    for (int i = 0; i < frameCount; ++i)
        //Create bitmap to hold individual frame
        Bitmap bmp;

        //Moves active frame pointer to next frame in iteration
        originalImage.SelectActiveFrame(frameDimension, i);

        //Cast image frame to Bitamp holder
        bmp = (Bitmap)originalImage;

        //Create new Bitmap from placeholder
        Bitmap temp = new Bitmap(bmp);

        //Set bitmap resolution based on original resolution
        temp.SetResolution(xResolution, yResolution);

        //Add Bitmap to Bitmap collection
    return bitmapList;



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