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RESTFul Services in Silverlight – CT Code Camp June 2009

Downloade the Presentation and Code

The Connecticut User Group organized a full day code camp event in Bloomfield, CT. The topic I presented on was “RESTFul Services and Silverlight”. The presentation was organized around the following main topics:

  • Web Services via SOAP
  • RESTFul Services
  • Creating a WCF RESTFul Service
  • Consuming a Custom WCF RESTFul Service in Silverlight

The attached slide deck will provide you with highlights on each topic. The code samples revolve around the AdventureWorks Database. I have partitioned the code into Data Access, Service Layer and a UI Layer.

  • Database: AdventureWorksDB from code plex. You can download it from here: http://www.codeplex.com/MSFTDBProdSamples
  • Data Access: Used Nettiers and Codesmith to Generate the CRUD methods to access Adventure Works.
  • Service Layer: WCF, ASMX and WCF REST service examples. I have also included a sample service from John Papa’s Data Services with Silverlight book. I would recommend this book for who ever is working with Siverlight
  • UI Layer: Consists of a ASP.NET web site that houses the silverlight controls and the silverlight controls themselves. The services are conusmed by silverlight.

During the actual presentation, i also created a simple WCF Service and demo’ed how to use a simple SOAP WCF service in a silverlight client using the Asynchronous pattern.

Check the samples out!

Happy coding

Reddy (reddy.kadasani@tallan.com)

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