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Adding SQLite to a Windows Mobile Application

Using SQLite in a Windows Mobile Application provides a simple way to add pre-populated data for consumption by the application.  There are a couple of configuration considerations when adding the database to the project.

1. Adding reference to SQLite.dll. After installing SQLite there will be a Compact Framework folder in the following path :C:\ProgramFiles\SQLite.NET\bin.  This folder contains the System.Data.SQLite.dll that needs to be referenced.

2 The same path will also contain the dll which Windows Mobile will need to invoke the methods contained in the SQLite.dll.  The following file needs to be added to the project which contains the main executable,  SQLite.Interop.065.DLL.

Once the interop dll is in the project you can start using SQLite in the Mobile Application just as you would for any other application.


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i used sqlite database in my windows mobile application.
i also used both of that dll to connect to my database and my application.
and when i run the program and i inserted new data to my program it has been successfully saved. but when i open my database, the data that i inserted was not in the database. how is that happen? where is the data that i had inserted.?

I also use sqlite in my windows mobile project and follow the instruction you given. but when I run the project it’s still pointer to line conn.open() , that show error unable to open database connection.

i just wanna know what is the use of SQLite.Interop.065.DLL in my windows mobile project???… why can’t i retrieved all the inserted data from my database wherein all my inserted data are saved on that database…

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After inserting data into database how to make the setup file that automatically copy database file at install time into client machine??
please answer i need it urgently bcoz my project on the way of finishing…..

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