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ASP.NET MVC Primer – Presentation Materials

Here are the links to the material from the ASP.NET MVC 2 Primer presentation given at the 3rd Annual Hartford Code Camp on Saturday, June 19, 2010:

Powerpoint Slides: Primer.pptx

Source Code: PrimerDemoSource.zip


I have done some Very Bad Things™ in this code in order to speed up the presentation that are always considered bad practice.   The most egregious violation of best practices is the inclusion of the data access code in the controller’s action methods.  Please do not use this code as a basis for your application design, especially when it comes to best practices.  My next post will include the information covered in the advanced section along with a lot of material we never got to.  This will be a much better demonstration of proper design.

Also, look for upcoming screencasts on ASP.NET MVC2 and other development topics posted here and/or on my personal blog at http://blog.gerety.net , which should be up and running in the next few days.

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I’m not able to find the source code and can you provide ppt slides?


My fault, I incorrectly linked the source code. The link is fixed. I also changed the PowerPoint to the 2000-2003 format.

I’m able to access both of them. Thx!

Have been looking at doing SEO and improving the design on my site for a while, so this post has been really useful. Clear read also, so thank you!

i am not able to see the asp.net mvc PPT. Could please check the link.


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