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Modularizing .NET Training Part 1

A challenge we have at Tallan is keeping our training up-to-date with the latest and greatest of technologies. We are constantly re-evaluating our lessons to keep up with ever changing technologies. In recent months, we have seen a shift in our client work from using traditional ASP.NET to using ASP.NET MVC 2. This has challenged our .NET developers to learn and create MVC best practices and ensure high quality deliverables. As you may know, MVC to a .NET developer can take time to understand and learn.

As an organization, we approach training from a mentor/mentee concept. This allows our trainees to have a dedicated training partner to guide him/her through the module and it allows for the mentor to learn communication and management skills. We have begun reviewing our training process, in particular our .Net training modules. With this in mind we have started reviewing various methods for enhancement, with our focus on building off our present .NET training, which is still very effective. This current module includes basic .NET concepts, with the main focus on building a simple ASP.NET web application, teaching code-behinds, page life-cycle, and ASP controls.

In order to incorporate ASP.NET MVC 2 into our training, we are expanding on the base module with a new sub-module. This will allow the trainee to focus on the new technology without having to rewrite any existing business logic or data access logic. We believe this will be very effective in that it will allow the trainee to worry less about the business rules and emphasize the benefits of using the technology.

We also see further benefits in completing a separate component module will allow for more explicit examples to be completed since the trainee will not be merely scratching the surface of the concept in an add-on task of the original base module. Additionally, we can gear this not only towards trainees, but to seasoned .NET developers who need a solid introduction to new concepts.

In the following postings you will find how this methodology can be beneficial as we will go through an in depth example of completing certain components of the base module, then completing the MVC module and highlighting the differences between the two.

Topics to be covered in the next post:

ASP.NET Arch. VS MVC Architecture

ASP.NET Practices VS MVC Practices

-Craig and Karl

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Modularizing .NET Training Part 2
January 21, 2011 9:12 pm

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Touche. Outstanding arguments. Continue the great work.

the concept mentor/mentee is good. wish you success modules based training

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