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Add jQuery Intellisense to Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2010 has built in support for –vsdoc files, which add Intellisense support for javascript libraries.  This is a great feature and is suprisingly easy to get set up.

Setting up jQuery Intellisense

Prerequisite for Visual Studio 2008 users

If you’re using Visual Studio 2008, make sure you’re as SP1 and install this patch [dead link] to enable vsdoc support.

Step 1

Download the most recent vsdoc file.

jQuery makes these files available right from their jQuery download page.

Look for the DOCUMENTATION: Visual Studio link below each of the major jQuery releases:


Here is a direct link to the –vsdoc file for jQuery 1.4.1: 1.4.1 vsdoc file [dead link]

Step 2

All you need to do next is include the –vsdoc file in your project.


That’s all you need to do.  You do not need to include the –vsdoc.js file in a script tag!

Once you have your –vsdoc.js file in your scripts folder, you should have full intellisense for jQuery in your project!



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