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Display NuGet Console Results in a new Window

I caught a pretty awesome tip over Twitter today.

One of the annoying things about using the “Package Manager Console” in NuGet is that you’re constantly scrolling up and down the list of results.  If you’re like me, and you keep your console in the lower panel in VS2010, it’s not exactly easy to see a whole lot at once.


You can, however, output the results from your NuGet commands into a popup window by piping it out to “Out-GridView”.


Execute the following command in the Package Manager Console:

List-Package –online | Out-GridView

This time, you’ll get your results in a nice pop-up window:


Multiple Commands?

Another weird thing I didn’t know, the following command is the equivalent to the one above in NuGet.

Get-Package –remote | Out-Gridview

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