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The Queue Manager solution to the Healthcare business

From my limited experience working for a client in the Health Care business I saw the magnitude of positive change the right solution can have on a problem. In the health care business it is often the case that patient information needs to be managed in such a way that it is easy to organize and manipulate patient data, by many different people. In a lot of cases a lot of this work and organization is done manually, whether it is a manual process on a computer or whether it is still done on physical paper. These manual solutions obviously slow down the workflow and add a level of complexity to organization that can be greatly simplified with a conceptually simple solution, The Queue Manager.

The Queue Manager, as you may have assessed from its name is comprised of a simple queue at its core, and it is indeed used to manage patients and their medical needs and procedures. The basic concept is as follows, the queue is comprised of patients and their information all at possibly different stages of processing, these are called activities patient-information groups in the queue are called activities. An activity contains all the patients’ relevant information as well as their medical needs at that time. So instead of having a stack of paper with unorganized information about multiple patients, a worker can instead access the queue and pick up the next activity in line that is relevant to them. Within the activities there is also business logic which can do calculations and automate processes which were done manually before, thus the application can aid in making calculable decisions further decreasing the time a worker needs to spend on each activity. What makes the queue even better is that the jobs can be broken up within the workflow so different people can work at different points in the work flow with ease. The queue has the ability to filter out only those activities which pertain to the section of work flow that a specific worker is interested in. As they finish one their job with one activity, they can send it off to the next stage in the work flow and pick up the next activity on the queue. This setup gets rid of all the problems of sending information around to different people and allows for workers to easily specialize in one section of the workflow thus greatly decreasing the turn around time of an activity as well as saving resources such as paper which is no longer needed.

So it is clear to see how this simple concept can improve an already existing infrastructure. The other great attribute about the Queue Manager is that it can be applied to other businesses that have similar needs. This basic concept can then be expanded upon to meet the needs and rules of the business by being able to build upon this concept of having this queue as the core of the application and building business rules around it to automate processes. The queue manager can be tailored to optimize any workflow to save a lot time and money proving that sometimes a conceptually simple solution can be the best one.

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