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“Access Denied” or locked features in SharePoint 2010 Central Administration after install on Windows 7 x64

I recently installed SharePoint 2010 on my client machine to investigate some of the BCS and Search features for a client project.  SharePoint 2010 now allows a standalone installation on Vista x64 SP1 or higher and Windows 7 x64, which is a major improvement over the remote development nightmare that existed with MOSS 2007.

For instructions on the proper method for installation, read the following MSDN article : Setting Up the Development Environment for SharePoint 2010 on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008

Description of Issue

After installation, I was repeatedly unable to log onto SharePoint using Firefox, repeatedly getting “Access Denied” errors after typing in my domain account and password.  (Note: This was the same account I used for installation).

Switching to IE allowed me access to the central administration site, however there were many functions and features that were unavailable to me.


I went to create a new Web Application to upgrade a SharePoint 2007 content DB, but was unable.  I attempted to do the same by creating a new site collection.


However, clicking on New Web Application gave me the following message:




It turns out that SharePoint requires elevated privileges to access the Central Administration page with all permissible features available.

To unlock these features in Central Administaration, launch IE with elevated privileges: (Right click the IE icon, select “Run as administration”).


The previously restricted features should now be unlocked.



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