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Book Announcement! Introducing “Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2012″

I’m very happy to announce that I am authoring Tallan’s new book on SQL Server 2012! The full title, “Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2012” will technically be published by O’Reilly, yet it will be branded as a Microsoft Press book, and will feature Tallan’s logo on the front cover. O’Reilly recently acquired MS Press, but retained the Microsoft logo and theme, which I’m really glad about. I much prefer the picture of a cool tool on a black and red cover over some some weird animal, don’t you?

This book is an update to the SQL Server 2008 edition I wrote three years ago, with many similarities but also some very notable differences. I’m extremely pleased to once again team together with Andrew Brust, who will be writing the chapters on SQL CLR, column stores, BI, and SQL Azure. Andrew was my co-author for the 2008 edition and lead author of the original 2005 edition, so this is actually his third time around on this book. Both previous editions literally burst at the seams in their zeal to cover the entire (end constantly growing) SQL Server stack. This time around, in consideration of the many readily available BI-focused books, the editors decided to distill the BI footprint of the new 2012 edition (which in the 1000+ page 2008 edition, accounted for roughly a whole third of the book) down to a single overview-style chapter. This simultaneously brings the page count down a bit, while actually opening more space for expanded coverage of the relational database engine. As a result, this new book is more narrowly (and uniquely) focused on programming SQL Server for transactional line-of-business applications built with .NET and Visual Studio.

So busy days lie ahead. Here are some of the new topics I’ll be covering in the 2012 edition:

  • SQL Server Data Tools
  • SQL Azure
  • Column store indexes and VertiPaq
  • Sequences
  • Windowing (OVER BY) improvements
  • Server-side paging
  • New conversion, date/time, logical, string, and analytic T-SQL functions
  • FileTable (FILESTREAM + hierarchyid = logical file system)
  • Metadata discovery
  • Spatial enhancements (curves, FULLGLOBE)
  • Contained Databases
  • Self-Service Reporting (Power View)
  • Conventional ADO.NET and LINQ
  • ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • WCF Data Services & WCF RIA Services

This list is by no means exhaustive (and remains subject to change), but it does give you a good idea of what to expect. In addition, I’ll be adding greatly expanded coverage to the previous edition, with broader treatment of topics such as table-valued parameters, FILESTREAM, and more. So I look forward to the journey ahead, and hope to produce the best piece of work I can. Along the way, I’ll be blogging more previews of what’s to come. So stay tuned!

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