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How to Setup TFS Check-in Alerts for Specific Folders in Visual Studio 2008 & 2010


This walkthrough will explain how to setup email alerts in TFS when there is a check-in. Using this method, you can not only select a TFS Project, but you can also select an individual folder. This is useful if you are not interested in some folders in the project, but want alerts on others.

TFS Check-In Alerts in Visual Studio 2008

First, TFS Power Tools must be installed for Visual Studio 2008 and Team Explorer.

First make sure you are connected to TFS.

Tools >> Connect to Team Foundation Server…

Open Source Control Explorer.

View >> Other Windows >> Source Control Explorer.

Navigate to the folder that you want notifications on.

Right click and select “Alert on Change…”


The following popup window will display. From here you can set the alert name and the email that you want to send it to. It will try to default itself to the folder name and your email.


After that, you can view and modify the alert from the “Alerts Editor”

Team >> Alerts Editor…


You can also access that menu from the Team Explorer:


Once you open that, the original alert definition is as follows:


I usually don’t mind getting an alert when I check-in, so I usually remove the second row from the grid. You can also specify this in the add dialog above, but I wanted to display it here as an example.

From here, you can modify the alert as necessary. If you have a nightly or weekly build you may not want notifications from that, so you can exclude those as shown below.


From the Alerts Editor, you can also specify other event types shown below.

Work Item Alerts


Check In Alerts


Build Alerts


TFS Check-In Alerts in Visual Studio 2010

This can also be done in Visual Studio 2010, but you will need the TFS 2010 Power Tools.

The setup or modification of alerts is very similar to that in Visual Studio 2008. One difference shown below is how you access the Alerts Explorer from Team Explorer.

Instead of clicking on the “Alerts” button for a specific project, you have to right click on the TFS server, and select Alerts Explorer.


You can still access this menu from Team >> Alerts Explorer as in Visual Studio 2008.

You also still get the same “Alert on Change…” option from Source Control Explorer.


Hope this helps.


Visual Studio Power Tools: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/vstudio/bb980963.aspx

TFS 2008 Power Tools: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?DisplayLang=en&id=15836

Team System 2008 Team Explorer: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=16338

TFS 2010 Power Tools: http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/c255a1e4-04ba-4f68-8f4e-cd473d6b971f

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