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How to resolve error: Unable to resolve Contentdistributor with FAST Search for SharePoint 2010

Issue Description

During part of the setup process, you secure SSL communications between the SharePoint server and the fast server by running the SecureFASTSearchConnector.ps1 script.  You supply the certPath, the username of the user running the OSearch14 service, and the name of the FAST Content SSA.

In my case, it was an account called SP Farm.  I did this multiple times, and even ran the ping-spenterprisesearchcontentservice command to verify the communication, and all looked good, however crawling was unsuccessful stating “Unable to resolve ContentDistributor….” on port 13391, even though the securefastsearchconnector.ps1 reported “connection to <fastserver>.domain.local:13391 successfully verified.


You must be logged into the SharePoint 2010 Application Server as the account running the osearch14 service when your run the SecureFastSearchConnector.ps1 script.  We had initially run this script under a different account.

Log into the box as that user, re-run the script, run IIS reset, and the error should disappear.

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