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BizTalk Orchestration fails to open in Design View

Lately I have come across this annoying little bug (feature?) of Visual Studio while working with BizTalk orchestrations. If an orchestration is opened in XML view and then closed, it will forever more insist on opening up in TEXT view.


As you can see, this is not very useful. Right clicking on the orchestration in Solution Explorer, then selecting Designer, then selecting “Set as Default” does not actually set it as default either. This might be an issue with not running Visual Studio as administrator. Though in some environments, running as an administrator may not be possible. Another different solution is to open up the .btproj file containing the offending orchestration.

    <XLang Include="Workflows\PeopleSoft\PSPersonBasicFullSyncToSQL.odx">
    <XLang Include="Workflows\PeopleSoft\PSWorkforceFullSyncToSQL.odx">

Remove the <SubType>Designer</SubType> line, save and reload the project. And opening the orchestration again should yield the desired designer view.

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Howard Edidin
June 5, 2012 6:41 pm

Good catch..

When I want to view the Orchestration source, I always open it in a text editor from Windows Explorer. I got into the habit of doing this when the “missing closing brace in the body” bug started to occur.

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