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Forcing FAST Web Crawler to Re-Crawl Data Immediately


While attempting to set up the FAST Web Crawler for a client, I was unable to find a way to force FAST to re-crawl data immediately.  The web crawler uses an internal scheduler to schedule fetch operations.

There are a large number of options for the crawleradmin.exe command line tool that looked like they might work:

(from crawleradmin.exe reference on technet)


but none of them forced an immediate crawl.


I found that using

crawleradmin –d <content collection name>

to delete the data in the FAST Web Crawler content collection, then using

crawleradmin –f <crawler config .xml file>

forced an immediate recrawl.


Note: Deleting the data from the FAST Web Crawler content collection DOES NOT delete all of the data from the FAST content collection with the same name.  Any data crawled through your FAST Content SSA will still be intact after running crawleradmin –d.

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