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FAST Search 2010: Multi-Valued Crawled Property Only Returns Single Values In Search Results


In a recent client solution we were utilizing a multi-valued Managed Metadata field to classify documents in a organizational taxonomy.  Our search and navigation relied on being able to retrieve documents by supplying any one of the possibly multiple values stored in the Managed Metadata field.

We determined however, that even though many documents had multiple values in this field, they were returning only one value in the managed property.


We examined the crawled property feeding the managed property and found IsMultiValued = false, and figured that was the issue.  It turns out, this property is not used in FAST.

From Multi-Value Property Support in FAST Search Server for SharePoint (en-us):

Configuring multi-value properties

All crawled properties supports multi-value data. Note that the crawled property  configuration in the index schema  contains a property named IsMultiValued. This is not used.

When you map to a managed property  you must remember to set the property MergeCrawledProperties using the cmdlet Set-FASTSearchMetadataManagedProperty  .

If you want to use query refinement, don’t forget to set the property RefinementEnabled and enable the query refiner in the front-end (reference to come).

After setting the Merge Crawled Properties  property on the managed property we were able to get multiple values back for the Managed Metadata field.

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