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Change the “Created By” Metadata Property to contain the author information in SharePoint Core Search Results


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Display the “Created By” author name on the search results page. Also, modify the “Author” default refiner to display the “Created By” author name.


On a recent project,  I was trying to resolve a problem with the search results for documents and content. The issue was that when the search results came back, the Author field contained multiple author names and there seemed to be no other property that really contained information about the “creator” of the document. The reason that the Author field contained multiple names was because it is mapped to multiple crawled properties and it reads the built-in metadata inside office documents. If multiple people touched the document, then this property will end up with multiple values.

There is no good way really to extract the “creator” information and possibly Id from this field either.


T0 solve the problem, I looked at a couple of things:

1. The XML schema for the Core Results Web Part (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms560074(v=office.12).aspx). NOTE: There are some errors in this MSDN documentation link but there is a community section that lists out the default column in the core results XML

2. The Author and Created By Managed Metadata Properties

The author field is mapped to a number of fields, including the metadata of an office document. When you create an Office document, there is certain information that office captures as “metadata” in the properties section of that document. The Author information is part of this information.

So essentially follow these steps to get a unique name into the Created By Managed property:

1. Map the crawled property (Name: 4; Category: Office (aka Office:4) ) to the CreatedBy Managed property

2. Remove the “ows_created_0x2400e_by” crawled property mapping from the CreatedBy property mapping. This crawled property is a left over from SP 2003 days and is not crawled anymore, except for SP 2003 content.

3. Select the “Select the first property from the property list”. This will ensure that a unique author value is mapped to the “Created By” property (and multiple values are not returned in this property).

4. Make sure to select refinement enabled, so that you can replace the default “Author” refinement filter with the “Created By” refinement filter.

5. Save the CreatedBy Managed property

6. Clear the content collection

7. Reset the index

8. Do a Full Crawl

9. Run a Search, and you will see that the Created By field now contains the most current “Author” information and does not contain a long list of authors


Crawled Properties Reference (SP 2010): http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh134087.aspx


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