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SharePoint BCS Links


While investigating how to create and deploy custom .NET BCS Connectivity Assemblies, I came across a ton of good links that helped out with some specific issues, and I wanted to share them.

Clearing BCS Service Application Database

The following link describes a method of clearing out the BCS database in order to redeploy BCS custom assemblies that have changed models.  This is useful if you start getting errors about your BCD model not being compliant with previous versions.  It keeps you from having to delete/recreate the BCS Service Application:


Making BCS Model in .NET Connectivity Assembly Searchable

The next link describes the changes to your .NET Connectivity Assembly that are necessary to make your BCS model show up in Content Sources under Line of Business in the SharePoint Search and/or FAST Content SSA’s.


BCS Custom Properties List

Finally, the last link is a list of BCS custom properties that you might need to set on your objects in your .NET Connectivity Assembly to get certain funcitonality working.  I highly recommend keeping this one handy.


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