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BizTalk-Adding Usernames and Passwords to WCF Port Bindings

I recently found myself in need of adding a username and password to a BizTalk 2010 application binding file.  By default, WCF bindings at least, do not save any password currently assigned to a WCF-Custom send port when you export the application bindings from within Management Console.  In order to add a password to a BizTalk application binding file, you will have to edit the XML value for the <TransportTypeData> node of the desired send port and replace the password string:

&lt;Password vt="1" /&gt;

with the below, substituting ‘MyPassword’ for the desired password.

&lt;Password vt="8"&gt;MyPassword&lt;/Password&gt;

The same can be done to a username, replacing the ‘Password” tag with “UserName”.  This method can also be used in conjunction with BizTalk Deployment Framework (BTDF) variables specified at design-time in the SettingsFileGenerator.xml, or on deployment when specified as an _ENV_VARIABLE in the InstallWizard.xml file.

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