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BizTalk Server 2013 beta (not 2010 R2)

It’s very exciting to see the new major release of BizTalk – BizTalk 2013 beta. There has been much speculation around what it will be called since the Tech Ed announcement this year in Orlando.  Microsoft will continue to support the platform with BizTalk 2013 (not 2010 R2 as previously announced).  I’m reassured that the BizTalk 2013 version will be a significant commitment from Microsoft because there is typically a 5 year major release support model which takes us well into 2017.

I’m especially excited about some of the new features including: REST support, Azure Service Bus send/receive adapters, SFTP adapter support, and especially ESB Toolkit integrated into the platform!  Tallan will be blogging more on this new platform as we start working through client installations, feature proof of concepts, and cloud demo/presentations.

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