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Azure IaaS BizTalk Server 2013 Provision Under 30 Minutes

I needed a sandbox BizTalk server for BizTalk proof of concepts.  I decided to use Windows Azure IaaS and more specifically the BizTalk Server 2013 Evaluation.  Here is what I did:

9:11 AM

Logged into Windows Azure Portal, started provisioning the server.  See print screens below…

Step 1

Add new VM

Step 2

Create VM from Gallery

Step 3

Select BizTalk Server 2013 Evaluation

Step 4 (note, do not use ‘Administrator’ it’s already used on the VM when Azure provisions it)

Enter VM name, size, username and pw

Step 5

Azure cloud service, dns name, region, and storage account

Step 6 (note, Availability Set is used to deploy VM’s accross multiple fault domains (or set of racks). For sandbox, this is not needed.

Select Availability Set

9:13 AM

Azure is provisioning a new server based on our configuration.

9:23 AM

Azure completed provisioning.  Now I can remote desktop into the server.

Step 7

Endpoints – Remote Desktop connection information.

Step 8

Connect to our server via RDP

Step 9
After logging in, I copied a BizTalk configuration file I had.  I opened the file, search and replaced user name and domain/server name where applicable.

You can also simply use Basic Configuration if it’s for a sandbox like mine.

Step 10

Choose Custom (if you have a file or want to use more than one users/groups)

Step 11

I’ll import the configuration file I copied onto the server.

9:39 AM

Voila!  Server provisioned with SQL Server, BizTalk Server 2013 installed and configured.

BizTalk Configuration Completed and ready for use.

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