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Cleaning up BizTalk Databases

One maintenance task that I often perform when finishing development on a client is to refresh my BizTalk environment.  This usually includes cleaning up the tracking and MessageBox databases of old tracking data and messages.  The BizTalk 2010/2013 installation includes a set of stored procedures that can assist in this effort and ensure a BizTalk environment.

One word of warning, the following should not be performed on a production environment.

  • The first step is to stop all BizTalk Host Instances and stop IIS.
    Create the ‘bts_CleanupMsgbox’ stored procedure by executing the <BizTalk Installation>\Schema\msgbox_cleanup_logic.sql on the BizTalkMsgBoxDb.
  • After the creation of the stored procedure run the following SQL query:

execute bts_CleanupMsgBox

  • Then execute the bts_PurgeSubscriptions stored procedure using the following query:

execute bts_PurgeSubscriptions

  • The dtasp_CleanHMData stored procedure within the BizTalkDTADb  database will clean up the tracking database.  Execute the following query against the BizTalkDTADb:

execute dtasp_CleanHMData

  • Start all BizTalk Host Instances and start IIS.

More information can be found on MSDN

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