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SharePoint 2013 SP1 Released


We’ve been hearing Q1 2014 as a release date for SharePoint 2013 SP1 for some time now, and most of us have been thinking we’d get that date at SharePoint Conference 2014.  The conference Yammer feed was just updated with the news that SharePoint 2013 SP1 has been released.

SP2013 SP1 Download Info


Installation Tips

Ensure you follow all the guidance listed here when installing:


Windows Server 2012 R2 Support

One major change we’ve been waiting for is support for Server 2012 R2. You *must*  use the slipstreamed version available for download via MSDN, VSLC, or MPN.

What’s New

The issues fixed are listed in the download at the following URL:


Stephan Gossner has provided an FAQ at the following url:


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