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The BizTalk Convergence

May 2014 marks the release date of BizTalk Server 2013 R2. The iteration provides an abundance of new features that includes JSON support, adapter updates, accelerator updates, and a new snap-in application.


BizTalk Server 2013 R2 incorporates the BizTalk JSON Schema Wizard and JSON decoder/encoder. The JSON Schema Wizard provides support to generate XSD schema from a JSON instance. The JSON decoder/encoder components are used with custom pipelines. More information can be found here.


The Service Bus (SB) Messaging adapter now supports Shared Access Signature (SAS) authentication, this feature permits interaction with on-premises edition of Service Bus Queues, Topics, and Relays. Ultimately, this bridges connectivity between Windows Azure and on-premises BizTalk servers. To learn more visit this link.


In addition, the Secure File Transport Protocol (SFTP) adapter now enables two-factor authentication and has the option to specify a temporary folder to support uploading/downloading. Configuration examples can be found here.


The updated HL7 Accelerator is capable of 64-bit support and processing of “FreeText” messages. The 64-bit adapter and pipelines will only be enabled on 64-bit computers utilizing 64-bit host instances with the 64-bit package solely installed. Be advised that it is backwards compatible with 32-bit mode. The new “FreeText” data type is not parsed nor validated. More information about HL7 Accelerator can be found here. For “FreeText” examples visit this link.


The BizTalk Health Monitor (BHM), akin to the standalone application MsgBoxViewer, is now available as a snap-in to the BizTalk Admin Console. Some of the major features it provides are: monitor multiple BizTalk environments, generate and view reports, dashboard view of BizTalk environment, schedule report collection, Email notifications, performance monitor integration and report management.


Please visit this link to learn more about BizTalk 2013 R2.

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