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T-Connect EDI Accelerator Now Available!

1 We are happy to announce the availability of our enhanced product, the T-Connect EDI Accelerator for BizTalk.  We have seen a trend in the difficulties encountered while processing EDI messages.  That trend includes all types – both HIPAA and Manufacturing/supply chain transactions.  Originally, we developed the T-Connect HIPAA Accelerator to address these pain points, allowing companies in the Healthcare space to successfully process claims, authorizations, benefit enrollments, eligibility inquiries, and acknowledgements.  The T-Connect EDI Accelerator was purpose built to address pain points that many companies experience in working with EDI files.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. The process of on-boarding of new trading partners is time consuming and expensive
  2. There is a significant risk of implementing unproven platforms, especially complex point to point architectures.
  3. Their current EDI platform is a “home grown” point-to-point or manual/paper-based system
    1. This is very hard to maintain
    2. Inability to scale to accommodate increasing volume of claims, enrollments, purchase orders, etc.
    3. It is difficult to upgrade to new compliance or regulatory standards
  4. There is little to no insight into the day-to-day processing of EDI messages.
  5. Legacy systems do not support custom validations with business rules
  6. Large EDI messages are very slow to process

The Accelerator is uniquely designed as the core within our T-Connect product suite. It can seamlessly integrate with our other products to provide a robust set of features and benefits.  Some of the T-Connect suite of products that the EDI Accelerator ‘bolts on’ to are:

  • T-Connect EDI File Splitter– Easily split large EDI files into smaller files for faster processing.  Supports All HIPAA transaction sets and EDI 810, 832, 850, and 846 manufacturing/supply chain transaction sets.
  • T-Connect EDI Validator – Create custom business rules to add an extra layer of validation and reporting to EDI processing
  • T-Connect EDI Dashboard – Monitor and track processing of inbound and outbound EDI messages.
  • T-Connect HIPAA EDI Viewer– Convert EDI messages from EDI text format to paper forms.

The T-Connect EDI Accelerator, paired with the suite of T-Connect products provide the following benefits:

  • –   Government Compliance – Our solution simplifies moving from legacy 4010 to 5010+ EDI standards.
  • –   Fast Trading Partner Onboarding – Onboard trading partners in 25% of the time it takes with other vendors’ solutions.
  • –   Store EDI in Database – Leverage pre-built data storage solutions that persists your EDI messages in a relational database, including support for large EDI messages.
  • –   Blueprinted Technologies – Take advantage of an intelligent service based architecture and easily consume/subscribe EDI messages to/from non-BizTalk systems.
  • –   Extensible – “Bolt on” your proprietary file or custom back office system processing easily
  • –   ACK/NACK Enabled – Acknowledgement (ACK) automated.
  • –   Insight into Processing – Gain insight into your processing with message logging, audit trail, and monitoring.
  • –   Monitor and Alerting – We offer our T-Connect Dashboard, T-Connect EDI Portal, and other tools to ensure you are aware of potential issues before your clients are.
  • –   EDI Validation – We offer EDI validations that are deployed and tailored to each of your trading partners. Furthermore, we are proud to announce our new T-Connect EDI Dynamic Validator software that allows you to implement custom rules that go beyond the standardized EDI schema validations.
  • –   Speed – Load gigabytes of EDI messages into a database in minutes with the inclusion of the T-Connect EDI Splitter.

The T-Connect EDI Accelerator supports a wide range of both HIPAA and non-HIPAA version 005010 and Errata transactions sets including:

HIPAA Transaction sets version 005010 Errata

  • –   270 Transaction Eligibility/Benefit Inquiry
  • –   271 Transaction Eligibility or Benefit Information (response to 270)
  • –   276 Transaction Claim Status Request
  • –   277 Transaction Claim
  • –   Status Notification (response to 276)
  • –   278 Transaction Referral/Authorization Request, Response to Request for Review
  • –   820 Transaction Premium Payment
  • –   834 Transaction Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance
  • –   835 Transaction Claim Payment/Advice (Electronic Remittance)
  • –   837 Transaction Three implementations of this transaction:
    • –   Institutional
    • –   Professional
    • –   Dental
    • –   997 / 999 Transaction Functional Group Acknowledgement

Non – HIPAA Transaction sets version 005010

  • –   850 Purchase Order
  • –   810 Invoice
  • –   846 Inventory

Note: We also support 004010 transaction sets, and migration from 004010 to 005010 versions.