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Announcing the T-Connect EDI Viewer!

EDI files offer many advantages in business and health care messaging, and BizTalk offers a premier suite for handling EDI interchanges and agreements.  At the same time, EDI files are notoriously difficult to read, even for EDI experts and highly skilled Business Analysts. The T-Connect EDI Viewer is designed to address this gap.  It supports converting the HIPAA EDI 837 transaction sets (for Professional, Institutional, and Dental) as well as the HIPAA EDI 834 Enrollment transaction set to a human-readable and printable PDF format.

The T-Connect EDI Viewer offers a library and a pipeline component that can be used to convert EDI messages sent to BizTalk into a PDF version of their Paper Form equivalents.  This conversion could be done as part of an existing integration, or using archived/historical data on a case by case basis.  The PipelineComponent offers a very simple way of adding this functionality to an existing BizTalk application with little to no development effort.  The library offers a simple but powerful API for more fine grained control over the process for BizTalk application developers.

A fully functional 30-day trial is available here.

Keep reading to see a sample conversion!

To install the trial, simple start the MSI.  The User Installation Guide offers step by step support for each option during the installation process.

Once installed, you can test the application with any 837P, I, or D file.  It will consume the file and write PDF versions of the transactions to a specified location.  An 837P file that starts out as this:

ISA*00* *00* *ZZ*EDIConvTPsamp1 *ZZ*Tallansamp1 *120926*0642*U*00501*000000252*0*T*:~
NM1*41*2*Mayo Clinic*****46*S32433~
PER*IC*Mayo Clinic*TE*9547487111*FX*9547487222~
N3*5537 Some Street*APT ZZ~
N4*Big City*NY*000008888~

is converted to this:



Does your organization have custom needs for this tool?  Tallan can provide custom solutions around this product, including:

  • Use of your own in-house custom form
  • Alternate or nonstandard coding/value meanings
  • Providing additional information from the EDI transactions that isn’t normally captured on the paper form

Simply contact us or check out our X12 Studio EDI Toolbox for free download!

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This sounds like a great tool. As your blog discusses it is time consuming looking at EDI documents trying to figure out what’s going on with a particular document.

This looks like it is targeted at HIPAA EDI. What about other EDI schema formats? Are you going to post sample results from the tool?

Great work!

Dwaine Gilmer

We’re currently evaluating non-HIPAA transactions, and there are plans to add them in the works. If you check out the product page, you can get the installer which includes some more samples, as well as a fully functional 30 day trial: https://www.tallan.com/products/t-connect-edi-management/x12-studio-tool-box/

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