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New Update to the T-Connect EDI Splitter Now Available!

Kevin Morillo


In September of last year, we released the T-Connect EDI Splitter For BizTalk.  We are proud to announce the release and immediate availability of the newest version of the T-Connect EDI Splitter.  For the uninitiated, the EDI File Splitter is a Microsoft BizTalk Server pipeline component that enables the rapid splitting of large EDI files within BizTalk Server.  These split files are delivered to an user configurable folder location.   Along with additional features added to the EDI Splitter for BizTalk, we are also releasing a standalone application for Microsoft Windows available today: The T-Connect EDI Splitter for Windows

The T-Connect EDI Splitter for BizTalk and the T-Connect EDI Splitter for Windows provide these  great benefits and features:

  • Faster file processing speed – Splitting large files up into smaller size files improves processing time significantly
  • Simple Deployment – Easy configuration settings promotes flexibility
  • Broad Transaction Support
    • Supports HIPAA X12 EDI transaction sets
    • NEW: Supports Supply Chain/Order Processing/Transportation X12 EDI transaction sets
  • Flexibility
    • Split file by record count allows you to specify the individual file record count as they are split from the larger EDI file
    • NEW: Ability to split incoming messages into a predetermined number of target files
  • Throttling – Delay split file timer allows you to control and throttle your own delivery of individual files as they are split
  • NEW:  Enhanced, easy to use installation wizard.
  • Platform Support
    • BizTalk Support – Deploy easily as a BizTalk Pipeline Component that easily ‘bolts on’ to existing BizTalk environments and use with any supported BizTalk adapter.
    • NEW:  Windows Support – The standalone Windows version for quick splitting and viewing of files without the need for additional servers or software

Both products support a wide range of transaction sets including:

  • HIPAA Transaction sets version 005010 Errata
    • 270 Transaction Eligibility/Benefit Inquiry
    • 271 Transaction Eligibility or Benefit Information (response to 270)
    • –276 Transaction Claim Status Request
    • 277 Transaction Claim
    • –Status Notification (response to 276)
    • –278 Transaction Referral/Authorization Request, Response to Request for Review
    • 820 Transaction Premium Payment
    • 834 Transaction Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance
    • 835 Transaction Claim Payment/Advice (Electronic Remittance)
    • 837 Transaction Three implementations of this transaction:
    • Institutional
    • Professional
    • Dental
  • NEW: Non – HIPAA Transaction sets version 005010
    • 810 Invoice
    • 832 Price/Sales Catelog
    • 846 Inventory
    • –850 Purchase Order
    • 856 Ship Notice/Manifest

Note: Contact us for 004010 transaction sets support!


We have rolled this product into a simple to install package which can be downloaded from the following page.  A 30 day full functionality trial is included in the download.  If you would like to learn more about the T-Connect EDI File Splitter, or to purchase a license, please contact us.

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