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What’s new in the Dell Boomi October release

Dell Boomi continues to lead the iPaaS platform with leading edge features and cloud specific tools to help you succeed with your integration implementation. For the month of October Tallan is excited to announce AtomSphere’s latest feature set:

Java 8 Support

Atom Cloud upgraders and installers (for Windows and Linux) for Java 8 are available.
For new Molecule and Cloud installations on Java 8, the default cluster library is JGroups 3.
Additionally, if a non-Atom folder is selected during an upgrade to Java 8, clicking OK returns to the previous screen to select a different installation folder.

Test Atom Cloud

As of this release, forked executions on the Dell Boomi Test Atom Cloud are configured to prefer IPv4 networking.

Database Profile

The Database Profile Import Wizard imports stored procedures from Oracle, MySQL, and MSSQL to automate building the profile’s field and parameter structure.
Shared Web Services Server. The Import Wizard helps you quickly configure a database profile. The wizard auto-generates SQL statements that you can edit and creates the necessary output and parameter fields. The Import Wizard can be used for Select, Dynamic Insert, Dynamic Update, and Dynamic Delete statements as well as Stored Procedures. For stored procedures, the Import Wizard provides a list of Oracle, MySQL, and MSSQL stored procedures and imports the data fields, so you do not need to know the names of the stored procedures nor the fields they contain. The wizard connects to a locally-deployed Atom, browses the database schema metadata, then builds the fields and parameters.

Shared Web Services Server

CLIENT CERT HEADER, a new authentication type, passes the certificate information as part of the header to the Atom. Using Client Cert Authorization enables Atom owners to terminate SSL at the load balancer.

AtomSphere WSDLs

The AtomSphere API and AtomSphere Partner API WSDLs now populate their schema location and address location based on the original requested server. A WSDL request sent to api.boomi.com has a schema location and SOAP address location on api.boomi.com. A WSDL request sent to platform.boomi.com has a schema location and SOAP address location on platform.boomi.com.

Audit Logs

Administrators and users having the View Audit Logs privilege are able to see the following in the audit log:
• Process executions that were run manually from Atom Management, Process Reporting or the REST or SOAP API
• Process executions that were run in test mode
• Schedules that were stopped
• Schedules that were resumed
• A user switching between accounts. This includes when a user logs into the platform and switches into an account.

Component Explorer

Folders in the Component Explorer can be moved anywhere in the Component Explorer by dragging them up or down. The Component Explorer becomes scrollable to allow for them to be moved outside of the visible area.

Also, the Component Explorer maintains its state (does not lose context) when it is refreshed or a component is copied.
• Stopping or resuming all deployed schedules opens a confirmation dialog before proceeding.
• The Shared Web Server CORS configuration is only visible for the web service type ADVANCED.
• When searching for accounts to add to account groups, the first record is always checked by default.
JMS Connector

The Import button on the operation provides a list of available Oracle AQ queues for easy selection so you don’t need to know the queue name.

OData Client Connector

Two new query filters in the operation, $skip and $top, can reduce processing time by limiting the number of returned records.

Dell Boomi AtomSphere

The Dell Boomi AtomSphere integration platform is a shared-everything, multi-tenant platform that supports cloud-to-cloud, SaaS-to-SaaS, cloud-to-on-premises, on-premises-to-on-premises and B2B integration. Boomi AtomSphere supports real-time integration and elastically scales to meet high-volume needs in mobile, batch (ETL) and EDI environments. Easily accessed via a browser, it delivers an impressive range of integration, master data management (MDM) and platform extension capabilities.

Tallan Integration Solutions for Dell Boomi
Tallan is a certified Dell Boomi Partner specializing in iPaaS platform integrations. Leverage Tallan’s vast integration experience for your AtomSphere platform needs.  Our certified architects and developers provide the expertise, best practices, and guidance to deliver a successful integration solution.

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