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January 2016 Dell Boomi Latest Feature Set Release

Dell Boomi continues to lead the iPaaS platform with leading edge features and cloud specific tools to help you succeed with your integration implementation. For the month of January Tallan is excited to announce AtomSphere’s latest feature set:

Release Details for 2016.01.13

Atom and Connector Updates

To improve the efficiency of Atom and connector updates, these updates now originate from a content delivery web service.

To enable updates from this service, ensure your network or firewall is configured to allow connections to https://software.cdn.boomi.com/.

For the next few releases, should an update from this service fail, the update will automatically be requested from the Dell Boomi platform (https://platform.boomi.com/).

The topic Hostnames and IP Addresses for Connecting to Dell Boomi is updated to reflect this enhancement.

Java Upgrader

During a Java migration for your Atom, Molecule or Atom Cloud, you can automatically migrate your custom certificates from the prior Java version’s Java virtual machine (JVM) to the new JVM that your Atom, Molecule or Cloud will be using after the migration.

If you choose to migrate the custom certificates automatically, the jre/lib/security/cacerts file will be backed up before the migration. Furthermore, the existing certificates will not be overwritten. This feature is intended for those who are storing certs in jre/lib/security/cacerts and have not changed the default keystore password or any of the certificate passwords.

Docker Molecule and Atom Cloud Installer

Dell Boomi has used Docker to create a Docker image that includes all of the files that you need to install a local Molecule or Atom Cloud. Using this Docker image makes an Molecule or Cloud installation quicker and easier for you because Dell Boomi provides and installs the operating system, JRE and installer. Using the Docker image ensures that each Molecule or Cloud that you install will run the same way. See Docker Molecule system requirements and Docker Cloud system requirements for more information. Once you have installed your Molecule or Cloud with Docker, you can maintain the Molecule or Cloud and adjust its settings through the AtomSphere UI, just like you would with any other Molecule or Cloud.

NOTE: The use of Docker to install and maintain a local Atom, Molecule, or Cloud is a “Tech Preview” not intended for production use. Your feedback is welcome.Docker support is an optional account feature. If you would like to have this feature enabled in your account, contact your Dell Boomi representative.

Atom Oversight and Guidance — Audit Logs

Administrators and users who have the View Audit Logs privilege can see the following in the audit log:

  • Process properties that were edited on the Atom Management > Deployed Processes tab.
  • Atom and account properties that were edited in the Atom Management window or in the API.

Enhanced Test Mode

For an account with enhanced test mode enabled, these standard test mode limitations for an Atom, Molecule or Atom Cloud are customizable:

  • Maximum number of files (documents) per inbound connector shape
  • Maximum aggregate data size across the execution of a process

System Notifications — New Messages Area

A new notification menu has been added to the platform menus in the top right corner of the page. This new menu is a centralized location for messages about new releases, maintenance windows and your account.

Usability Improvements

  • You will find a more useful Welcome tab with recently opened processes listed separately from other components.
  • So you can get specific help when you need it, throughout AtomSphere you will find more help text. Also, in the title bars of shape configuration dialogs, you will find direct links to this reference guide.

AtomSphere API for Shared Web Server Configuration

The addition of the auth field to the AtomSphere API’s Shared Server Information object enables the user authentication type for an Atom’s shared web server to be programmatically set. This enhancement is of particular value to Dell Boomi partners.

Web Service SOAP APIs

Accounts for which the API Management feature is enabled have these new SOAP API configuration options:

  • Enable bindings for either or both of SOAP versions 1.1 and 1.2.
  • Enable pure pass-through for requests and responses.
NOTE: Support is no longer provided for web service listener operations that use XML input profiles containing SOAP envelope elements in addition to data elements.

Salesforce Connectors

With enhanced support for multi-select SOQL queries you can leverage specific syntax for querying multi-select pick-lists which are regularly used in client applications.

The default URL for new Salesforce, APEX and Salesforce Analytics connections is changed. Integrations with older URL connections are automatically redirected.

NetSuite Connector

The NetSuite connector supports custom transactions and the NetSuite 2015.2 release.

QuickBooks Connector

The QuickBooks connector creates a directory to write the registry file so that registry modifications are written only one time.

Database Connector

The Microsoft Azure database driver is available on Cloud Atoms through the Database connector. To set up a connection with this driver, see To Create a Database Connection for Microsoft Azure.

Dell Boomi AtomSphere

The Dell Boomi AtomSphere integration platform is a shared-everything, multi-tenant platform that supports cloud-to-cloud, SaaS-to-SaaS, cloud-to-on-premises, on-premises-to-on-premises and B2B integration. Boomi AtomSphere supports real-time integration and elastically scales to meet high-volume needs in mobile, batch (ETL) and EDI environments. Easily accessed via a browser, it delivers an impressive range of integration, master data management (MDM) and platform extension capabilities.

Tallan Integration Solutions for Dell Boomi
Tallan is a certified Dell Boomi Partner specializing in iPaaS platform integrations. Leverage Tallan’s vast integration experience for your AtomSphere platform needs.  Our certified architects and developers provide the expertise, best practices, and guidance to deliver a successful integration solution.

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