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Sending a Message to an Azure Service Bus Queue Using Dell Boomi

Today we will be going over how to send a message from a Dell Boomi process to an Azure Service Bus queue, and then read that message off the queue, again in a Dell Boomi process.

In Boomi, we can interact with the Service Bus via simple HTTP Post. We will be calling these with the HTTP Connector shape in our Dell Boomi process, from there we will be able to construct our request in full. Then we will show that we can find the message in our queue.

Setting up the Process

Start off by creating a new process in the Atomsphere dashboard and give it an associated name, then click create:


This will bring up our blank process. It will prompt us to setup the Start Shape, select “No Data”, we will be manually creating a sample message for the time being. Click OK:


Drag a Message shape into the main window. A prompt will appear as soon as we do that, insert a sample message, in our case “Hello World”, and give the shape a label if you would like to, click OK:



Drag the connector of the “No Data” shape and connect it to the message shape:


Now we will begin setting up the HTTP Post. Drag a Connector shape onto the main window to the right of our Message shape. The Connector Action window will pop up, add a label if you wish, change the Connector value to “HTTP Client”, and set the Action to “Send”. Click the plus (+) symbol to the right of Connection to create a new connection to our Service Bus:


Enter a name for your HTTP Connection, and enter in the URL to your Service Bus, click Save & Close:


Back in our process window, click the plus (+) sign to the right of the Operation field to create a new HTTP Operation for our Service Bus:


Add various setting to your request, make sure it’s set to POST, then click the plus (+) in the Request Headers section to create a new request header, set the name to “Authorization” and set the Value to your SAS Token, which can be generated using the method described in another one of our blog posts: “How to Generate a SAS Token for an Azure Service Bus Queue using C#”:


Click the plus (+) symbol in the Resource Path section, and create the URL that will direct the request to your Service Bus queue, formatted as  YourQueueName/messages?api-version=2015-08 , where the date for api-version is equal to the version related to your ServiceBus queue. Click Save & Close:


When we’re brought back to our process, click OK to finish making our HTTP Connection, and connect the Message shape to the Connector shape. Drag and drop a Stop shape to the end of the line, and connect the Connector shape to that. (You can find the Stop shape under the logic tab on the left):


Click save, and then click Run a Test to try sending our message to the queue, the test should run normally, once done we can click on the Connector shape and inspect the log and see that we got a successful 201 response from our request:


Now we can use an application like Postman to see if we can find our “Hello World” message on the queue:


As we can see we were able to successfully place a message on the queue using Dell Boomi!


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Just wondering if you have managed to set service bus filters through Boomi. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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