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Power BI: See Your Data in a Whole New Light

In today’s competitive business environment, data is an integral piece in establishing trends and correlations that can be used to transform Business Intelligence into Business Action. But efforts to effectively gather, analyze and act upon these insights have historically taken a great deal of time, personnel resources and money. In fact, according to Forrester, 80% of business intelligence efforts are spent on integrating business data with a platform of choice, yet 70% of the data produced in those efforts lack value or are completely irrelevant. That is hundreds of thousands of dollars and many months of work put in on something that ultimately doesn’t accomplish anything for the business!

Microsoft Power BI eliminates the guesswork, wasted time and energy in data integration and analysis. This user-friendly platform is designed to integrate business data from various sources and transform it into visualizations that help you understand your business and take action. With Power BI, marketers, analysts, executives and even clients are able to visualize their data in a way that not only saves time, but eliminates the need for an entire IT department to make it happen. Power BI puts the capabilities of a Developer in the hands of the user, giving them a dashboard that is easily accessible to even non-“tech-savvy” individuals.


“Microsoft is poised to revolutionize Business Intelligence as we know it, with their investment in SQL Server and their vision for Power BI,” says Jared Brown, Director of Business Intelligence at Tallan, “for those running on-premises or those racing into the Cloud, Power BI will give your team the capability to discover, analyze, and synthesize your data, and then share gained insights across your organization, with your customers, and to the World… Tallan is ready to help you visualize the possibilities and make them a reality.”

How Power BI Works

How is this possible you ask? Well for starters, Power BI does not use any sort of code in order to create data visualizations. That’s right, no Java, C++, SQL Queries, etc., and therefore, no need to hire a team of developers to make it work for you. All you need is the knowledge of the data set being used for reporting – and basic grammar – in order to create a sentence that answers the question, “How would you like the data to be structured?”


Standard Spreadsheet Data                                                  Power BI Data          

Power BI Data Visualization

It all starts by linking your data source to the Power BI platform. From there, you are able to access your data through personalized queries that help shape your data the way you want it. Once you have your data synthesized and ready to go, the fun begins by utilizing the versatile dashboard of the Power BI interface. From bar and pie charts, to customized tables and trend lines, the Power BI dashboard provides the user with countless opportunities to display and organize their data that will turn knowledge into business action.

Looking at the UI’s of both Excel and Power BI, it is clear that Power BI provides a dashboard that helps transform data into knowledgeable insight a lot easier than working with standard spreadsheets. Before you know it, your team will be able to create a dashboard with all the data visualizations and reports needed to keep your business moving in the right direction and establish opportunities for growth.

And the technology, user experience and visualization options are constantly expanding. For example, Microsoft just released a new web-publishing option for Power BI that allows users to send links to clickable dashboards and even embed into web pages, easily!

Click here to check out Power BI and this latest enhancement in action. Here you will find an interactive dashboard that shows the capabilities of web-publishing with Power BI. Feel free to interact with the dashboard to find out more on the functionality of Power BI and how you can use it to enhance your data visualizations today!


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