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Tallan’s Dynamic Culture Recognized for High Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Here at Tallan, we are excited to announce our recognition as one of Hartford Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in Connecticut!

While the award is a new one for us, we have been celebrating our uniqueness for many years. Our focus on talent has been a leading driver of innovation and year over year growth, but has also lead to increased employee retention and satisfaction in the process. We are committed to bringing out the best in our team, giving them the tools and guidance to deliver innovative software applications and expand their career.

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With an eye on expansion to Dallas/Ft. Worth this year, Tallan will continue its accelerated growth, bringing on 45 new team members this year in various regions.

“We have been lucky enough to recruit and retain truly talented technologists and business leaders over the past 30 years,” says CEO Craig Branning, “and as we expand our territory geographically, the culture they have helped build and maintain has provided a strong introduction to our brand and our offerings in these new cities.”

Yeah, we’re pretty great!

But don’t just take it from me. We asked our Rocky Hill, Connecticut-based team why Tallan is truly the best.


“What makes Tallan one of the best places to work?”

“I feel immensely proud and lucky to be a part of an organization like Tallan. It is an awesome culture to be a part of, always putting me in a position to develop myself and providing the tools to become a better professional every day.”

Hardy Chen – Consultant

“What makes Tallan an excellent place to work is the opportunity to grow. Having people around you that encourage you to go above and beyond your capabilities.”

Patricio Cabrera – UX Designer

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“I love working at Tallan because it allows me to work in an industry I’m passionate about while being surrounded by great people who feel the same. When I realized I was not happy with the career path I was taking, Tallan recognized my skills and found a place that not only worked best for the company, but for myself. The organization has a lot of growth opportunities moving forward and I look forward to being a part of it!”

Blake Vanderjagt – Sales Marketing Specialist

“This isn’t just a “job”; it’s pride and dedication, both of which are the heart and soul – the culture – of Tallan.  What started as simply a part-time assistant position almost 4 years ago has morphed into a much more fulfilling role that’s multi-faceted, challenging and gratifying.  I truly feel like a valued, trusted employee – like family.”

Christen Worobec – Finance Coordinator


“Why do you believe Tallan deserves to be recognized as one of the Best Places to Work for in CT?”

“Tallan’s focus on learning, career development, and rapid advancement have provided its employees unparalleled opportunities in the field of software development. Their ability to attract and retain incredible talent are a testament to Tallan’s deserving place on that list.”

Michael Gerety – Architect

“Tallan’s ability to recognize and reward hard work, while also being committed to creating career growth opportunities are examples of why the company deserves this accolade.”

Brian Sampson – Mobile Practice Director


“What is it about Tallan’s culture that helps it achieve high employee satisfaction and retention?”

“One of the great things about Tallan is that they truly do their best to value their employees.  They provide you all the tools necessary to grow professionally, as well as coordinate many fun, extracurricular activities.  They recognize a work/life balance.  Work hard, play hard.”

Craig Condon – Information Systems Manager

“After many years at a Fortune 500 Company I lost sight of who I was and what was important to me.  I wanted to be part of an organization that was focused on delivering the highest level of service to its clients while fostering an environment of commitment, dedication and teamwork.  I found those things at Tallan.”

Byron Branning – Director of Sales and Program Management

“Working with Tallan has provided me with opportunities to work with industries and businesses that I would not otherwise have had.”

Bernie Lidestri – EVP of Business Development


“How has Tallan been able to continue to accelerate its growth year-year?”

“Tallan employees work with extremely talented and bright people who are passionate about what they do. If you have the drive and ambition to continuously learn and work hard, you are in the driver’s seat to accelerate your career. It’s an exciting time to be part of Tallan where each employee has the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the Company’s future growth and success.”

Veronica Tkaczuk – Director of HR

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“Working at Tallan has allowed me to work and grow with people I revere as rock stars. The company has managed to put together a team of the sharpest and hardest working individuals I’ve met. It isn’t unusual to see a whole project team working late into the night together in order to meet a deadline. However, it isn’t unusual to see the same team sharing laughs and stories at a company sponsored happy hour. Working at Tallan, you want to be part of those stories and you want to be the guy with the solutions; that’s what makes working here so fulfilling.”

Jeff Daniewicz – Consultant


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