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Failed Digital Transformation Could Have a Negative Impact on Revenue

MuleSoft Failed Digital Transformation Could Have a Negative Impact on Revenue Pic

96 percent of businesses are either undergoing some kind of digital transformation strategy or plan to in the near future. Those are the results of a recent survey MuleSoft conducted; just about every business is trying to get a handle on how to cope with new channels, new methods of engagement, and ubiquitous connectivity. The reason is clear; nearly three-quarters of IT decision makers surveyed said that if digital transformation initiatives weren’t completed, it would have a negative effect on revenue, and 39% said that the negative effect would happen within 3 months.

That’s startling, and just shows how crucial and urgent implementing digital transformation initiatives are. Ross Mason, MuleSoft founder, points out that “to remain competitive, companies need to think differently about how they unleash the value of their data and assets.” But that’s proving hard for many businesses, as only 18% of IT decision makers surveyed think they will achieve their goals.

It’s all very well to talk about digital transformation, but how do you actually achieve it?  What are some strategies that will work for your organization?

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