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SQL Server 2016 for Developers: Data is the new Electricity

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In the beginning of June, Microsoft released SQL Server 2016. With it, they are delivering an end-to-end data management and business analytics solution with mission critical intelligence for your most demanding applications as well as data insights on any device.

SQL Server 2016 is ideal for:

  • Mission critical intelligent applications delivering real-time operational intelligence by combining built-in advanced analytics and in-memory technology without having to move the data or impact end-user performance.
  • Enterprise scale data warehousing with enhanced in-memory column store that increases query performance by over 100x vs disk-based solutions. With SQL Server 2016, you can also access optimized MPP scale-out software that can be combined with scale-out appliance architecture with our Analytics Platform System (APS).
  • Applications requiring the highest levels of security with new Always Encrypted technology that protects your data at rest and in motion without impacting database performance.
  • Comprehensive business intelligence solutions on mobile devices with an end-to-end mobile BI solution built-in that can deliver insights on any device. You can also manage all of your KPIs, mobile reports and traditional reports from a modern web portal.

CLICK HERE to read the full article and find out why SQL Server 2016 is driving business transformation through business intelligence!


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