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iPaaS and its Impact on Higher Education

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Technology evolved so much since ten years ago, and it has been especially apparent in the education sector. Back then, the extent of computers in elementary schools only taught you how to type and when children were in middle school, they used a computer to type essays and play flash games. Fast forward to 2016, elementary schools now have curriculums that teach kids how to create and code websites. Furthermore, we even see children using iPads to learn with apps and augmented reality. As we shift to a digitally dominant world for education, it is fascinating to see how technological ecosystems come together to enable that movement.

More importantly, connected online learning experiences are critical for higher education. From MOOCs to staying on top of college class material, the cloud and advancement of the internet have proved to be a close partner for educational improvement and success. In this post, MuleSoft will focus more on the impact of how the digital ecosystem, enabled by the cloud and iPaaS, is positively changing higher education.

How Integration Platform as a Service has changed higher education

1. Connected learning experience

Those who grew up with digital devices and apps develop a digital instinct, so it is naturally second nature for them to access coursework and resources online. With notes, videos, and supplemental material all on the web, schools can provide more helpful, engaging, and convenient methods for students to learn. This type of instant access also accelerates the progress of learning.

The majority of colleges and universities today have custom portals for students to access as a one stop shop for everything school related. Lecture notes, discussion topics, professor feedback, and any other academic materials that usually originated from the classroom are now available online. With a connected world powered by iPaaS technology, both students and professors are reaping the benefits of the connected learning experience – professors can teach more, and students can enjoy a better learning experience.

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