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Using NetSuite Custom Segments in Boomi – Part 1

Using NetSuite Custom Segments in Boomi

Part 1: Importing Custom Segments to Boomi Cross Reference Tables


Due to limitations in NetSuite, custom segments are not available to choose as results in saved searches. This limitation requires the custom segment data to be retrieved using a SOAP connector with the custom segments explicitly requested instead of a normal NetSuite connector.

Custom Segments can be viewed by navigating to Customization > List, Records, & Fields > Custom Segments. Or by searching for “Custom Segments”.


Custom segments are comprised of ID/Value pairs. More information can be applied to these values, such as hierarchy and active/inactive flags, but a simple Custom Segment will be used in this example, shown below.


The values themselves will not be returned by NetSuite, and the IDs are not very useful in and of themselves. The IDs that are returned will need to be matched to their corresponding value. The simplest way to achieve this will be to create a Cross Reference Table to use when the value is needed.

First the ID/Value pairs will need to be exported from NetSuite. To do this, create a Saved Item Search


1. Navigate to Reports > New Search, or alternatively Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New. Then select “Item” halfway down the page.

nscustseg1-03 nscustseg1-04

2. Select “Create Saved Search” so that this search can be referenced again in the future if needed.


3. On the Saved Item Search creation page, 3 things need to be set: Search Title, Criteria, Results. First the Search Title, it can be any name (doesn’t have to be unique)



4. Then set the Search Criteria. In the dropdown box, scroll to the bottom and find the Custom Segment. It will be marked with “(Custom)” and followed by an ellipse.


5. Once you select the segment it will open a dialog box where you can select the segment field to use as a filter. Select the “Internal ID”. This will open another dialog to specify the filter itself. Select “none of” from the dropdown list, then click on the Select Multiple arrow and select “None”. This filter will force unique Internal IDs to be returned since it will not be pulling the Custom Segment for every item.


nscustseg1-09 nscustseg1-10

6. Next set the Results to display the ID and value, as shown below. Select these fields in the same way as the Criteria. Sort by the Internal ID.



7. Once you Save & Run the search, there should be a list of Internal IDs and Names. To export this data for use, click on the document shaped button, this will download a CSV file. You could also export in Excel or PDF format if needed. If the saved search did not return ID/Value pairs, there are no items with values for this Custom Segment.


8. Once the CSV has downloaded, you can import it into a Cross Reference Table. Create a Cross Reference Table in Boomi, name is appropriately. Once it has been created, click on “Import from CSV”.



9. In the dialog box that appears, click on “Choose File” and navigate to the CSV that you downloaded. Since NetSuite exports CSV files with headers, ensure that “File Has Header Row?” is checked. After you click Next, Boomi will display a preview of the table. Click Finish. There will now be data in the Cross Reference Table. You may need to edit the column headers by clicking on “Update Table Definition”.





Now that the Custom Segment data has been imported into a Cross Reference Table, the table can be used in process shapes to correlate the internal ID to a value.


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Hi Hannah,

Just want to clarify something. You mentioned that “Due to limitations in NetSuite, custom segments are not available to choose as results in saved searches. “.

I’ve tested this and I was able to show the custom segment value as a result of a saved search. There’s actually a custom segment search now. Would you be able to confirm this functionality, if yes, then should the solution be different? Thanks.

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